Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Day 7 - Local colour

Day 7- 13th of May

They set out from shelter to make their way down to meet the Poland Trek crew. The trails were surprisingly difficult and confusing. They were told by locals that unfortunately the forestry workers sometimes accidentally cut down trees which previously had trail signs on so it was quite common for local hikers to find themselves lost. Finally found the right road and met a group of villagers who gave their own local advice on how to deal with Louis-Philippe's blisters. At this point his feet were in a pretty bad state and he had to cut off some of his blisters to be able to continue walking.

 A press conference for Poland Trek had been arranged in the town of Wisla. The Poland Trek crew took Louis-Philippe to the town hall where he was welcomed by the town officials and journalists.

Afterwards he was dropped back at the exact point where he stopped walking previously, down to the exact centimetre with the help of his GPS coordinates.
He walked alone until 1.30 in the morning, following the mountain road. Louis-Philippe says that his ability to walk well at night is one of his best explorers talent.