Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Days 11, 12 and 13- on the river

Day 11 17th May 2012 This is the first day that Louis-Philippe changed from the packraft into the Kayak. He started on Goszalkowice lake a large artificial lake. The technical crew were guided by the director of the lake who warned that the area is far more difficult to navigate and cross then it appears. He quoted a time when a large film crew refused help on the river, not even taking life jackets. Their boat capsized and although luckily no one was hurt they lost hundreds of thousands worth of equipment. There is a huge dam at the end of the lake so we had to transport the kayak a few kilometres to rejoin the river proper

Day 12 18th May 2012 We had a press conference in Krakow. Louis-Philippe had kayaked up to 30 km before Krakow so the crew took him there and back by car. It was slow going for Louis-Philippe because there were a few locks and hardly any current to help him along.

Day 13 19th May Louis-Philippe arrived in Krakow. After being alone in nature for days he was amazed by the swarms of people along the river bank.