The project  is a human powered adventure by foot, packraft and kayak between the Highest summit of Poland ( Mount Rysy , 2499m) to the Baltic sea in  May 2012 . The lowest point is at -1,8m and called raczki elbląskie, which I hope to visit as well.

The journey will start by climbing Mount cracks, then hike the North-west across the Tatras mountains are Mt Baranja Mountain (1220m), find the source of the  Vistula  (the longest river of Poland) and follow it to the sea. During the  4-5 weeks  of the expedition I will also visit cultural places and famous cities along the way.

A documentary film about the journey to highlight the beauty of Poland, the cultural Aspects and the people should be made. I hope to inspire and show also polluted waters to inspire preservation of the waterbodies and wildlife of the country. An educational program could use the expedition as edutainment and inspiration for the younger ones that understand and act for the preservation of our most important resource: water.

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1) Sportive:
Cover the estimated distance of  1200km  from Mount Scratches to the Baltic sea, finish in Gdansk.
2) Discover and document:
Visit a new country, new landscapes, enjoy the simple life in the mountains and on the river. Take photos and videos to show later on in articles, exhibitions and documentary. Polish landscapes and culture will be promoted Inherently.
3) Inspire to preserve:
Water is the most precious thing we have on earth. Like the rain, I will start my return journey from the high mountains to the sea Following the streams of water. I will also show & pollution trash along the way. We all can do something about it to preserve our environment and ourselves THUS.

Why May?
May or May-June is the spring time and it Means vivid colors, not as much rain as in the summer and still some snow in the mountains. The flow of the Vistula is about 30% more in May compared this August due to the melting snow. It will allow me to more enjoy the scenic views than paddling hard. Also temperatures are not too hot, Which is good to avoid too much sweating due to the effort.


PL: This project is aimed to crawl,  in May 2012 , by foot, raft and kayak - only through the strength of their own mięśni- route from the highest Polish peak ( Mount Rysy , 2499m) to the Baltic Sea. The lowest situated village are raczki elbląskie 1.8m, which I hope to be able to visit.

The expedition starts since winning features, then the route leads to the northwest by Tatra peaks up to Barania Mountain (1220 m), from where flows  the Vistula - the longest Polish river. My aim is to sail on its entire length to reach the sea. During the four weeks of the expedition, I would like to visit passed along the way, culturally important places and monuments. 

The journey will be documented thoroughly in order to create a film in which I would like to draw attention to the beauty of Polish, its people and aspects of kuturalne. Showing pollution of the river I would like to inspire people to protect water and the environment. The expedition can be part of an educational program for children an awareness of how important a role in the life of a fully water and why you should care for her. 


1) Sports:
Beat the total distance of 1200km of Tart to the Baltic Sea, arriving to Gdansk;
2) creatively - Documentary:
Get to know a new country, new landscapes, enjoy the beauty and simplicity of life in the mountains and along the route of the river. Perpetuate journey with the camera and the camera for later publications and exhibitions. Promotion of Polish kutury and wildlife.
3) Education and eco-friendly:
Water is one of the most valuable treasures of the world. As rain water, I will begin my journey from the highest mountains to continue on its route to the sea. During the trip I will pay attention to the vagaries of garbage and pollution. Each of us can contribute to protecting our environment and also ourselves.

Why May?
During the spring in May and June landscape is already vibrant colors. There are not too heavy rains which could be expected in the summer and still is snow in the mountains. By melting snow in the Vistula River currents are stronger by 30% in May than in August which will allow me to not only focus on paddling but soak up the beauty of nature. Also, the air temperature (still too high) promotes efforts.