Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Day 5 and 6 - Lost and Sunburnt

Day 5 - 11th May 2012
The plan was for Louis-Philippe to meet with Tomasz at Babia Gora at the bottom of Beskid Zywiecki. Originally they were due to meet at 12 noon, which became 3pm, then 6pm then 9pm. Tomasz was getting concerned for Louis-Philippe's safety as he knew he didn't have full head torch battery power. At around 10.30pm Tomasz received a call from a Polish local who explained that Louis-Philippe arrived at his place lost and asking directions. The local helped Tomasz and Louis-Philippe reunite. Louis-Philippe at this point was exhausted and had bad sunburn on his calves as had made a slight mistake dressing in short pants that morning rather than long trousers. He also had a nasty rash on his ankles which was adding to the problem.

Day 6 -12th May 2012
With the exhaustion and the foot pain they had to start out five hours later than normal at 11am. They started the climb to Babia Gora (approx 1700km). At first the weather was with them in the lowlands but as soon as they climbed higher it poured with rain. They reached the top, but it was totally foggy. They found shelter early and after some confusion met with with one of Poland Trek's filmmaker and Photographer Bartlomiej Ryzy. Made a big fire to finally get warm.